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Ear Surgery

What is an Otoplasty?

An otoplasty or “ear pinning” is a simple cosmetic procedure in which very prominent ears can be affixed at a flatter position in which they will appear smaller and be less intrusive. This simple procedure can help patients to feel more confident and assured without feeling the need to hide their ears. This procedure can…

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Are You a Good Candidate for Otoplasty Surgery?

Otoplasty Surgery Otoplasty surgery is done to correct the shape, position, or proportion of the ear. Oftentimes, ear structure defects that are present at birth become more apparent as the ear develops. Otoplasty can create a more natural shape for the ears, as well as bring balance to both the ears and face. Read on…

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All about the EarWell™ System to Correct Infant Ears

Finding out your infant has an ear deformity can be alarming. Will this affect their hearing? Will they be self-conscious in the future? Will they need surgery? These are all sensible questions to ask. When it comes to outer ear deformities, they do not often affect hearing. However they may cause self-consciousness in the future.…

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