Fees and Financing

Our Boca Raton plastic surgery patients understand that a desire to improve the face, breasts or body is an investment in oneself. Like any investment, it’s essential to understand the total fees involved and when fees are due. Our fees and schedule include the following:

A Consultation Fee

Our goals in your consultation include the following:

  1. To thoroughly understand your goals for aesthetic improvement;
  2. To answer all your questions;
  3. To conduct a physical examination of your areas of concern;
  4. To recommend the appropriate procedure(s) to meet your goals:
  5. To confirm that you are physically and emotionally able to undergo a cosmetic surgery procedure;
  6. To share details about the procedure and recovery;
  7. To confirm that you have the necessary support in place to successfully recover from your procedure: that you can take the time required to recover; that you have/can obtain support at home if your recovery forbids lifting for a certain number of weeks; that, if you’re a smoker, you can commit to smoking cessation both before and after your procedure, etc. A cosmetic surgery with Dr. Berman doesn’t end in the operating room: it ends when you have successfully recovered!
  8. To fully explain the fees involved in your procedure(s);
  9. To share financing information if you desire to budget your beauty;
  10. To schedule your procedure date and time, as well as your pre-operative appointment if, at the end of your consultation, we mutually agree that a procedure is the appropriate course of action.

Request A Consultation

As you can imagine, in order to cover all 10 items on the list above, our staff and Dr. Berman spend a generous amount of time with you in your consultation.

Why It’s To Your Benefit to Pay a Consultation Fee

Some Boca Raton plastic surgery practices do not charge a consultation fee. It may surprise you to know that this is not in your best interest. Here’s why:

Practices that don’t charge a consultation fee usually have a high number of “no-shows.”

To account for patients who don’t appear for their consultation appointments, a practice may double or triple book their consultations. If everyone scheduled for that hour arrives, both the surgeon and his staff must juggle numerous consultations simultaneously. The result is that you have a long wait in the reception area and a long wait to meet the surgeon; you feel rushed and hurried along, and leave feeling that you didn’t get the personalized attention you wanted (and deserve)! At Berman Plastic Surgery, we schedule one consultation at a time so that our patients enjoy and learn from their consultations!

Practices offer a free consultation as a “sales tool” to attract more patients.

Because Dr. Berman is a highly educated and skilled surgeon who has created beautiful results for men and women in Boca Raton for nearly 25 years, he receives an immense number of referrals from satisfied past patients. His professional reputation is unblemished, and the presence of an accredited onsite surgical suite provides both safety and personalized care to his patients. Dr. Berman is double board certified, both by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and the American Board of Otolaryngology: Head & Neck Surgery. One look at his before/after photos confirms that he does beautiful work. For all these reasons, our Boca Raton plastic surgery practice doesn’t need to offer a “free consultation” as a sales tool. (Do you want to visit a surgeon who has to give his time away in order to get business?)

Practices that don’t charge a consultation fee may be more aggressive in “closing” you to book a procedure.

Our consultations aren’t about selling you! Dr. Berman’s consultations focus on educating you–about your body, your options, our office, and our staff–and discovering, together, if the procedure you want is the right procedure for you and if Dr. Berman is the right surgeon for you. Your consultation provides you with a wealth of information whether you decide to schedule a procedure with us or not.

A Free Consultation Doesn’t Guarantee a Lower Surgery Price

The presence or absence of a consultation fee is no indication about a given surgeon’s pricing schedule. Because your consultation fee is deducted from your total surgical fees, you aren’t “paying more” to choose Dr. Berman as your plastic surgeon. At our Boca Raton plastic surgery practice, we have a commitment to provide the highest possible level of care to deliver superior results in a personalized environment unique to each patient and her goals and needs.

Our consultation fee of $150 is paid when your appointment is booked and is applied to your procedure fees. If you must reschedule, we request 24 hours’ notice.

Surgery Reservation Fee

In order to maintain an accurate surgical schedule, our patients pay $1000 toward their surgical fees when they book their surgery date. To assure each patient of Dr. Berman’s undivided attention, he operates on only one patient per day. This reservation fee can be refunded within 30 days of payment so long as the request for refund is made at least 30 days prior to the scheduled surgery date.

Payment of Final Fees

Our patients make final payment arrangements approximately two weeks prior to their procedures at their pre-op appointment. At this appointment, you will meet with Kris, our RN and patient coordinator, and with Dr. Berman to confirm your surgical plan, check that your lab work and/or x-rays have been received in the office, to take “before” photos, and to make sure you know what time to arrive at the office on your surgery day. You will be given prescriptions for pain management, if appropriate, and sign your surgical consent forms.

Financing Your Plastic Surgery Procedure

If you’d like to budget the cost of your procedures and/or treatments over time, you’ll be glad to know that we have partnered with three financing companies, so that you can compare each one and choose the company that’s right for you! Click through the options below for more information. If you apply online in advance of your consultation with Dr. Berman, you’ll know how much financing is available to you before committing to a surgery date. Financing isn’t just for surgeries, either. Many of our patients in Boca Raton finance their Botox®, other injectables, laser treatments and aesthetician services!


As a service to our patients, we are pleased to offer the CareCredit card, the nation’s leading patient payment program. With CareCredit you can finance 100% of your cosmetic surgery and there are no upfront costs, no annual fees, and no pre-payment penalties. So, you can schedule your procedure today and conveniently pay with low, monthly payments.

Extended Payment Plans

Care Credit offers 24 or 36 month plans with interest based on credit score. Monthly payments range as low as $76 per month on a $3000 procedure fee for qualified borrowers.

Interest-Free Plans

Care Credit also offers the option of a 6 month plan at no interest for qualified patients.

CareCredit offers a full range of payment plans so you can find one that works best for you. With the popular No Interest Payment Plans* there are no interest charges if you pay your balance in full within the specified time period. Monthly payments can be as low as 3% of your balance. For procedure fees from $1,000 to $25,000, CareCredit offers 24 or 36 month plan options with low monthly payments.


United Medical

Alternatively, we are also pleased to work with United Medical Credit as another financing option for our patients.  Click the link below to learn more.



Click below to learn more about LendingUSA.