Breast Implant Exchange

Refresh your implants and restore youthful breasts

Breast implants can last for many years, however, they aren’t meant to be life-long devices. Therefore, at some point after your breast augmentation, you’ll likely require an implant exchange. The implant exchange can also be opted for when it’s not required if the patient wishes for different implants in regards to shape, size, or material.

What is a Breast Implant Exchange?

An implant exchange is a second breast augmentation procedure during which the old implants are removed and new implants are placed. The breast implant exchange procedure is much like the initial breast augmentation, unless complications like a rupture or capsular contracture have occurred. In these cases, the complication would be addressed along with placing new implants. An implant exchange is required in these cases, or can be opted for when a woman changes their mind about their implants.

Who is a Candidate for a Breast Implant Exchange?

Candidates for a breast implant exchange are those who choose or require to have their old implants taken out from a previous augmentation and replaced with new ones. After ten years with breast implants, the risk for certain complications begins to arise. New implants can be placed after this time to ensure the safety and structure of the implants, especially in the case of silicone implants. Although ruptures are rare, their occurrence would require an implant exchange. Other more common complications include capsular contracture when scar tissue develops, rippling, or implant rotation. An implant exchange can revise these complications and restore the appearance of the breasts. Those who change their mind about the implant size, shape, or material can also benefit from an implant exchange to achieve the new look they desire.

How is a Breast Implant Exchange Performed?

A breast implant exchange procedure is performed much like the initial breast augmentation. General anesthesia will be used to ensure the patient’s comfort. An incision will then be made over the previous incision to avoid additional scarring. The old implant is then removed and any scar tissue is revised. The new implants will then be placed and the incision is closed.

Recovery and Results

After breast implant exchange, patients can expect recovery similar to the initial breast augmentation. Some swelling, redness, and discomfort will be present for several days and a compression garment should be worn as often as possible. Patients should take at least a week off work to properly rest and recover at home. Exercise and movement restrictions will also be required to follow in order to ensure successful healing.

Once healed, patients can enjoy their refreshed breast implants with minimized risks of complications. Patients are still required to ensure the structure of their new implants with regular exams.

To learn more about the breast implant exchange procedure, contact our office and schedule your consultation with board certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Berman.

Frequently Asked Question

Can breast implants cause autoimmune disease?

It has not been proven that implants cause autoimmune disease.

Can breast implants cause cellulitis?

It has not been proven that implants cause cellulitis.

Can breast implants cause pain years later?

Varies from person to person and the underline reasonings.

Can breast implants get infected years later?

Varies from person to person and the underline reasonings.

Do breast implants cause health problems?

It has not been proven that implants cause health problems.

Do breast implants sag over time?

It is a possibility.

How common is capsular contracture in breast implants?

Each patient varies.

How do I prepare for breast implant removal?

Your surgeon will discuss this during your consultation.

How often does breast implant illness occur?

It has not been proven that the majority of breast implants cause any illness.

How often should breast implants be checked?

When the person does a mamogram.

Is breast implant illness covered by insurance?

Depends on the findings and the patients insurance.

Is removal of breast implants dangerous?

Every case is different and it depends what the underline issue is.

What breast implants have been recalled?

Allergan- Natrelle has been recalled.

What does capsular contracture look like?

It depends how large or small the capsular contracture is.

What happens if a breast implant pops?

They tend to get a tear in the shell which can compromise the shape and appearance of the implant.

What happens if breast implants are not replaced?

Nothing they will just be the original implants you have.

Will capsular contracture go away?

Possibly with massage but not guaranteed.

Can breast implants last a lifetime?

Yes, it is possible.

Can saline implants cause autoimmune problems?

It has not been proven that saline implants cause autoimmune problems.

Can you die from breast implants?

It has not been proven that you can die from breast implants.

Can you get your breast implants removed?


How do you know if my implants are leaking?

Medical examination by a physician, MRI , the size of your implants are decreasing, minor pain or discomfort.

How is BIA ALCL diagnosed?

Imaging results.

How long does it take to recover from breast implant illness?

Depends on what the illness is.

How much does it cost to have breast implants removed?

Depends on the surgeon.

What are the early signs of capsular contracture?

May first be noticed as a high-riding or misshapen breast. As firmness increases, the breasts may feel tight or even painful, especially when you are lying on them. The breasts can appear very round.

What are the symptoms of breast implant illness?

Depends on the illness.

What are the symptoms of silicone toxicity?

Your surgeon will discuss the possibilities and reactions.

What breast implants are linked to lymphoma?

It has not been proven that breast implants are linked to lymphoma.

What is implant bottoming?

When a breast implant slips to a lower position on the chest wall below the bottom fold (inframammary crease) of the breasts.

What percentage of breast implants rupture?

There is no percentage proven.

When should you have breast implants replaced?

When a medical physician recommends or when the person feels they want new implants.

Why I removed my breast implants?

Differs from person to person.

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