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FAQs about Rhinoplasty

What medications will I need to be taking during recovery?

All of those things will be discussed during a patient’s pre-op appointment.

Are there any supplements that I can take prior to surgery to help with inflammation and swelling?

We don’t usually prescribe anything. We prefer that patients take only what we prescribe. A patient’s doctor will give the appropriate medications for the post-op.

Will I be wearing tape after the cast comes off?

Rhinoplasty patients will usually not wear tape after the cast comes off.

I have a lot of blackheads on my nose…is there anything I should use to try to reduce them prior to surgery?

Call the office. We recommend our pre-facial surgery regimen which will prep a patient’s skin accordingly and should start about 4 weeks prior to surgery.

Can I use Salicylic acid, glycolic acid, or azelaic acid prior to surgery (or up to two weeks prior)?

We don’t recommend using these products prior to surgery.

When do I need to quit coffee and for how many days after surgery?

Patients do not have to change their coffee habits for surgery.

When can I use prescription-strength retinol after surgery?

We recommend that the prescription strength retinol should not be used for at least one month post-op. Discuss with Dr. Berman after your surgery. It really depends on your healing.

Can I have my primary care physician do my labs?

Yes, a patient’s primary care physician can do labs and pre-op clearance.

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