Years ago, the idea of men undergoing plastic surgery was met with considerable stigma. Society often associates plastic surgery with femininity, making it a societal taboo. However, this trend is rapidly changing with the rise of acceptance and self-expression. At

Women have historically made up the bulk of plastic surgery patients but as more males are getting interested in cosmetic surgery, a new trend in plastic surgery is emerging and altering the landscape. Reports have shown that 3x as many

When it comes to cosmetic surgery, many people may picture a woman getting a breast augmentation. While that is a popular procedure, cosmetic surgery has many procedures. The increasing demand for plastic surgery is largely in part due to men.

Plastic Surgery Procedures That Men Want When it comes to plastic surgery, most people think it’s about women enhancing their physical features to look and feel their best. However, according to new statistics from the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic

As noted in April’s newsletter, male plastic surgery is on the rise and men are jumping on injectables such as Botox® and dermal fillers to erase the signs of facial aging. Truth is, our Boca Raton plastic surgery practice sees

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