Liquid or non-surgical rhinoplasty is a convenient but potentially dangerous procedure. This procedure in the past few years has had increasing popularity, but it is important to know the risks. Non-surgical rhinoplasty is a medical procedure that requires professional expertise

Dr. Berman offers Vectra 3D imaging to his patients in order to give them an accurate view of the results on their own bodies. With Vectra 3D, patients can get a preview of their enhanced body from every angle, helping

Whenever you undergo surgery, swelling cannot be avoided. Rhinoplasty is a surgical procedure used to change or enhance the size, shape, projection, or angle of the nose. The surgery can be done to improve the function as well as the

The nose plays a significant role in framing the other features of the face and enhancing the overall proportion. If the nose does not harmoniously fit with other facial features, it may lead to a lack of self-confidence. Problems with

Almost everyone is familiar with the term “rhinoplasty”, or “nose surgery.” This procedure can improve the shape, angle, and size of the nose, as well as correct structural problems that restrict breathing and cause congestion. This procedure can have a

Your nose is at the center of your face, making it a noticeable feature that, if you are unhappy with it, could cause a major hit to your self-confidence. A rhinoplasty can change the size, shape, and angle of the

The nose is at the center of the face and brings harmony to the overall facial appearance. When your nose is not in balance with the face, facial harmony can suffer. If you are unhappy with the appearance of your

Boca Raton Rhinoplasty Surgeon, Dr. Berman Has the Answers About Your Rhinoplasty Rhinoplasty continues to grow in popularity and is one of the most requested plastic surgery procedures. Also known as a “nose job” or nose reshaping surgery, this procedure

Answers to your rhinoplasty questions Rhinoplasty (also known as nose reshaping surgery or a “nose job”) is among the most commonly requested plastic surgery procedures, eagerly sought by men, women, and teens. If you are one of the many adults

Choosing the right surgeon for your revision rhinoplasty If a poorly performed rhinoplasty has left you dissatisfied with the cosmetic appearance of your nose or worse, struggling to breathe, a revision rhinoplasty may be the best way to correct the

Rhinoplasty Boca Raton: What to Expect During Your Nose Job Recovery And what you can do to make your recovery go as quickly and comfortably as possible While recovery from any surgery varies from person to person, the initial healing

As noted in April’s newsletter, male plastic surgery is on the rise and men are jumping on injectables such as Botox® and dermal fillers to erase the signs of facial aging. Truth is, our Boca Raton plastic surgery practice sees

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