Written Testimonial 6-7-2022

Written Testimonial 4-19

Botox Testimonial 2

I've been to the office for Botox twice - both very pleasant experiences and happy with the outcome. Dr. Berman takes the time to understand what you'd like to achieve and makes it happen.

Truly Amazing

 Dr. Berman is a genius. It is disheartening when you see a huge deep hole in your face but when Dr. Berman repairs the hole it looks like nothing ever happened. It's truly amazing. Thank you Dr. Berman!

Rhinoplasty Testimonial 2

I had a non surgical rhinoplasty with Dr. Berman and my results are awesome. !!!!. I'm very elated.

Botox Testimonial 1

I have had Botox with Dr Berman for the past year the results are amazing. I look very natural.

Results Are As Promised

Dr. Berman and his staff are extremely down to earth, open, honest, and have always made themselves available at any time for any kind of question, etc. Their pricing is fair and the results are as promised! If I only had more money for more procedures~!!!

Above The Standard

Dr. Berman's care and expertise was far above the standard of care. He truly puts his heart into every case and is not a technician.

Chin Implant Testimonial 1

I'm happy with the results of my chin implant. It looks 100 percent natural and is a clear aesthetic improvement. Dr. Berman checks all the boxes of what you'd be looking for from a plastic surgeon. Smart, confident, professional, easy to talk to. He and his staff made me completely comfortable.

Rhinoplasty Testimonial 1

Dr. Berman did an amazing job fixing my nose that appeared to be "lopsided." He performed a "liquid rhinoplasty." I am thrilled with the results and highly recommend Dr. Berman to anyone looking for a highly skilled plastic surgeon.

Breast Augmentation 3

Wonderful doctor! I am so pleased with my results! Both my mom and I underwent Breast Augmentation with Dr. Berman. His staff is wonderful and makes you feel so comfortable. I highly recommend Dr. Berman and his office to anyone!

Very Professional

I had a very good experience with Dr Berman and his staff. The entire office is very professional with great care given to the patient. Scheduling is easy. Aftercare is great. I was very pleased with the results of my surgery. Happy to have chosen Dr Berman.

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