If you’re searching for a way to regain the definition in your face and neck to reduce the signs of aging, then you should consider getting neck lift surgery. The skin around your neck is delicate and is one of

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Having a weak chin is a common problem that can have many causes, including genetics, jaw misalignment, or aging that causes skin sag or fat underneath the chin. This can cause the face to look rounded and fatty, despite an

Kybella vs. Traditional Neck Liposuction

Kybella vs. Lipo: Which treatment will you choose for your double chin?                                                        

Kybella Injections

Kybella Injections: What You Need to Know There’s an amazing new treatment option for patients suffering with a dreaded “double-chin,” that doesn’t require surgery, liposuction, or even exercise or dieting. Unsightly submental fullness, commonly known as a double-chin, is a common

Do you hate the sagging in your neck? Does a necklace accentuate the “crepey-ness” of your neck skin? If you’re unhappy with the way your neck and/or jawline appears, I can improve this for you with liposuction and/or a neck lift. Although aging

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