Are There Any Age Restrictions for Undergoing Otoplasty?

If your child has oddly or awkwardly shaped ears, you may want to look into plastic surgery to correct them. Kids with misshapen ears are more likely to get teased by their peers and suffer from self-esteem problems. An otoplasty can reshape their ears to a more normal position, size, and shape.

However, it’s important to know about any age restrictions for this type of surgery.

When is the Ideal Time for Otoplasty?

Doctors recommend that a child’s ears finish the majority of their growing before their parent chooses to schedule an otoplasty. In most cases, it’s best for your child to undergo the surgery before age five or six so they can avoid most of the potential embarrassment and self-consciousness. It can also help to avoid bullying that usually starts in elementary school.

The American Society of Plastic Surgeons states that children who get otoplasty surgery at the age of at least five have the best chances of success. This is due to the following reasons:

• Their ear cartilage is firm enough to endure the surgery
• Their cartilage can be more easily shaped due to pliability
• By age five, kids are starting kindergarten, which means if they can undergo otoplasty surgery before going to school, it reduces the chance they get bullied

Before age five, kids don’t have ear tissue that’s stable enough for surgery to be a success.

Can Adults Have Otoplasty?

Otoplasty is most commonly performed on children. However, adults can also benefit from having the surgery done. In adulthood, your ears are stabler and have completed their growth. As a result, there is no age restriction for adults who want to undergo otoplasty.

According to a survey done by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, 73 percent of people who had otoplasty surgery in 2016 were adults who ranged from as young as 20 to older than 55.

The specific breakdown of age groups to undergo otoplasty was as follows:

• 28 percent of surgeries were done in individuals ages 13 through 19
• 30 percent of surgeries were done in individuals ages 20 through 29
• 18 percent of surgeries were done in individuals ages 30 through 39
• 15 percent of surgeries were done in individuals ages 40 through 54
• 10 percent of surgeries were done in individuals ages 55 and older

What About Ear Differences That Are Obvious at Birth?

If it’s noticed around the time of a child’s birth or within the first two to three weeks of life that there are remarkable differences in the baby’s ears, surgery may not even be necessary. It’s actually possible to correct an infant’s ear difference due to their cartilage being very soft and moldable into a normal position and shape. These are very new techniques that are gaining in popularity. However, if you didn’t notice these differences in your infant, their ears can still be corrected with otoplasty surgery by the time they reach age five.

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