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When men and women feel like they look their best, they are generally more confident and much happier. That’s the conclusion reached in multiple studies, one of which comes from the National Institutes of Health (NIH). According to researchers, body

As we age, the skin on our neck can start to sag and lose its firmness, contributing to an older and less rejuvenated appearance. Fortunately, with the expertise of Dr. Berman at his practice in Boca Raton, Florida, patients can

Are you struggling with drooping eyelids, bags under your eyes, or excess skin in the eye area? A blepharoplasty might be the perfect treatment for you. It can have you looking more awake and more youthful within a few weeks.

The HydraFacial is one of the most exciting new ways to rejuvenate your skin with highly personalized results. If you’re considering a HydraFacial to boost your skin before a big event or as a deep treatment for your normal skincare

If you’re considering a mommy makeover, you’re likely excited about seeing your final results. Before you get to see them, however, there are some important steps to follow. Aftercare is one of the most important parts of your surgical process

As a plastic surgeon practicing in Boca Raton, Florida, Dr. Berman is dedicated to providing the best patient safety. With tummy tuck surgery being a major surgery, acquiring the correct aftercare supplies is a critical part of the recovery process.

Plastic Surgery financing can help you get the procedures you desire. Many tools and methods exist to pay for your surgery, such as medical financing plans with providers like CareCredit or taking out loans. Read on to learn more about

Your eyes are said to be the windows to your soul, as they let others know how you are feeling, what you think, and whether you are happy or unhappy. Healthy individuals with sagging, drooping, or baggy eyelids may appear

There are plenty of misconceptions surrounding the world of plastic surgery. One common misconception is that there’s an age limit or a “right” time to get plastic surgery. In actuality, plastic surgery can be beneficial to people of many different

Women have historically made up the bulk of plastic surgery patients but as more males are getting interested in cosmetic surgery, a new trend in plastic surgery is emerging and altering the landscape. Reports have shown that 3x as many

If you are preparing for surgery, your doctor will likely ask you to remove your jewelry but this is not always easy if you have a new piercing or a beloved piece of jewelry you wear daily, such as a

Outpatient or “day” surgery does not require admittance to the hospital or an overnight stay. However, it usually requires a three to six-hour stay. Most outpatient surgeries are done in the morning but can occur at any time. Here are

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