How to Prepare for a Necklift

If you’re searching for a way to regain the definition in your face and neck to reduce the signs of aging, then you should consider getting neck lift surgery. The skin around your neck is delicate and is one of the first areas of the body to show the signs of aging. Unfortunately, diet and exercise don’t help when it comes to tightening the areas of skin around your neck, and the loose skin can make you look older than you are.

Are There Risks Involved With Neck Lift Surgery?

As with any type of surgical procedure, there are always risks attributed to infections or reactions to anesthesia. The other risks involve blood clots, thick scar tissue, hematomas, skin loss, nerve injury, and a wound that won’t heal. In some cases, a second surgery may be required to perfect the plastic surgery if the patient isn’t satisfied with the outcome of the neck lift. This is a common surgery that has a high success rate. If you’re in good health and take care of yourself before and after the surgery, then you’ll minimize these risks.

How Should I Prepare For Neck Lift Surgery?

Prior to your neck lift surgery, you’ll be given a medical check-up to ensure your health is stable. If you’re a smoker, it’s important to quit smoking at least two weeks before surgery to help with your healing process. There are certain medications you should stop taking prior to your neck lift surgery such as anti-inflammatory drugs, aspirin, and herbal supplements. Our staff will discuss any prescription medications that may affect your surgery as well. The neck lift procedure is an outpatient surgery, which means you won’t be spending the night in the hospital. Since you’ll be unable to drive after the surgery, you should schedule a ride home.

What Should I Expect From The Procedure?

When you come in for your neck lift surgery, we’ll prepare you by giving you general anesthesia. In most cases, liposuction will be performed to remove the excess fat cells in your neck and around the jaw area. The surgery is minimally invasive with just a small incision done. Once the liposuction is complete, we will tighten the surrounding skin to give your neck a smooth, younger appearance.

How Soon Will I See The Results?

There will be some redness, swelling, and bruising after your neck lift surgery. You’ll begin to see the results in a few days, with a total recovery within a few weeks. Sometimes the incision can take longer to heal. You’ll enjoy the results of neck lift surgery when you see how it has turned back time to create a brand new look for you.

When you’re ready to get a consultation for neck lift surgery, contact a plastic surgeon you can trust in Boca Raton, Florida. Dr. Berman has performed hundreds of successful procedures, so contact us today.

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Dr. Jonathan Ross Berman is a Boca Raton plastic surgeon who has been certified by both the American Board of Plastic Surgery and the American Board of Otolaryngology / Head and Neck Surgery with over 30 years of service experience specializing in Breast Augmentation, Rhinoplasty, Face Lift, Liposuction, and many other types of plastic surgery in Boca Raton, FL.

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