How Long Does It Take for Breast Implants to Soften?

One of the first things women do after breast augmentation surgery is assess their new bust size. It can be exciting to finally see your new breasts, but it can sometimes be a surprise when patients notice their breasts are firmer and or higher on the chest. It’s important to know that this post-op side effect is entirely normal. Over time, your breasts will naturally settle and become softer to the touch, achieving the results you’ve been hoping for. Here’s what to know about your breast augmentation results.

How Long Do Breast Implants Take to Soften?

Make sure to keep in mind that the results you’ll see immediately after surgery are not final. Additionally, the length of time it will take for your breasts to naturally soften, and settle depends on a multitude of factors. For most patients, the process of softening can last from 2 to 6 months.

Post-op stiffness is partly caused by swelling. As your breasts heal from surgery and swelling subsides, the implants will gradually settle into their respective pockets created during the procedure. Your breasts will look more natural as these progress. It’s important to note that larger implants take longer to settle and soften than smaller ones.

You might also notice that your breasts soften at differing rates after surgery. While this isn’t always a sign of trouble, it can still sometimes be indicative of capsular contracture. This complication of breast augmentation surgery happens when the surgical site develops too much scar tissue. Be sure to consult with your plastic surgeon if you notice this post-op condition.

How to Encourage Faster Softening

In order for your implants to soften more quickly, you should perform breast massages daily. You can easily massage your breasts multiple times a day by gently pushing the implants up and down, as well as inward and outward. This massaging technique helps open the breast pocket to receive the implant more easily, and it also can mitigate the odds of capsular contracture developing. Your plastic surgeon will give you instructions on how to perform this massage technique to avoid irritating your incisions.

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