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Everything You Need to Know: CO2 Laser Treatments

Many people choose to undergo laser skin rejuvenation treatments. But since there are so many devices, patients may face difficulty deciding on one that’s right for them. Berman Plastic Surgery & Spa aims to provide a customized option to fit each patient’s needs by offering various laser treatments. The SmartSkin CO2 laser is a less invasive option to refresh your skin with little discomfort and minimal downtime.

The Facts on SmartSkin CO2

SmartSkin CO2 laser is a fractional method that treats a variety of skin issues. CO2 lasers are ablative lasers, which treat skin aging and imperfections. Ablative lasers work much in the same manner as exfoliation treatments, such as chemical peels or dermabrasion, that eliminate the top layer of skin to make a new, smoother skin layer. Results can be effective for anti-aging, but some patients may be turned off by the discomfort and time needed for recovery.

The fractional technique gives the same results with less pain and shorter recovery. It works by using a narrow laser to make groups of microchannels in the skin. This process encourages new cell growth and neocollagenesis, or the body’s natural collagen production process.

The Best Candidates

Patients may be suited to SmartSkin CO2 treatment if they meet the following criteria: deep wrinkles and fine lines, dry skin, skin redness, shallow scars, brown spots or other imperfections, and moderate skin laxity. They may also choose SmartSkin CO2 to address the chest and neck areas damaged from excessive sun exposure.

However, it may not be the most effective treatment regardless of the advantages. In cases where patients are not well-suited to SmartSkin CO2 treatment, other options are available at Berman Plastic Surgery & Spa.

What to Expect During the Treatment Session

Dr. Berman first applies a topical numbing agent before the treatment. A hand-held device supplies the laser that moves across the area. Patients will feel it get warm but have little to no discomfort. A cooling tool helps maintain an even temperature. The whole session commonly takes 30 minutes.

After Treatment

Patients should be able to drive themselves home after the procedure, except in rare cases when sedatives were used. Patients can expect the treated area to have some redness and tenderness, similar to a sunburn, for several days. The treatment area commonly starts to peel and flake as new, rejuvenated skin gets revealed.

Achieving Appearance Goals

Patients could see an improvement within one week but will continue to see noticeable skin improvements for weeks after the session. This occurs because the neocollagenesis is working, and as it increases collagen levels, the skin appears more refreshed and youthful. Results are long-lasting, allowing patients to enjoy their new, rejuvenated appearance for a long period of time.

Sometimes, a patient might opt for a deeper laser penetration to reach the next skin layer. This requires more recovery time, but the results last longer. If the standard treatment is chosen, a second session can be performed in as little as one month after the first procedure for a more dramatic and longer-lasting outcome.

Schedule a Consultation

If you think SmartSkin CO2 treatment is for you, set up a consultation with Berman Plastic Surgery & Spa. Dr. Berman is a double board-certified plastic surgeon in Boca Raton, Florida with over 30 years of experience. Check out our specials page for ways to save money!

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Dr. Jonathan Ross Berman is a Boca Raton plastic surgeon who has been certified by both the American Board of Plastic Surgery and the American Board of Otolaryngology / Head and Neck Surgery with over 30 years of service experience specializing in Breast Augmentation, Rhinoplasty, Face Lift, Liposuction, and many other types of plastic surgery in Boca Raton, FL.

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