Treating Your Skin Before Plastic Surgery

Take care of Your Skin and Prepare for Optimal Results

If you are going to be undergoing plastic surgery of the face and neck, if is of the utmost importance that your skin be properly cared for.  This, of course, applies whether you are having surgery or not.  Where we are continuously exposed to the sun even when just walking to the car, skin care is very important.

Several modalities are employed prior to undergoing face lifts, eyelid surgery or laser resurfacing.  These include Microdermabrasion, peels, light therapy and facials, depending on individual types of skin and the type of surgery being performed.  Starting on a good home care regimen is a very important part of the entire process.

Once you have made the decision to invest in your appearance with plastic surgery, it is important to take the appropriate measures to insure that you maintain your skin after surgery.  When it comes to selecting a few good pharmaceutical grade products to help maintain a healthy, glowing complexion, I am a firm believer in the old adage that “less is more”.  Everyone’s skin is different, from color, to tone, to texture and all must be treated very individually to determine specific skin types and also different life-style requirements.

Not every product works the same on each person, and therefore we again stress individualized consultations and therapies.  Many people purchase their skin care products simply from television advertisements, without researching the product and/or consulting with professional skin care aestheticians.  Why invest your money in a product which will stay on your skin for a prolonged period of time, and still not give you that protracted and extended expectancy which one should anticipate after devoting both time and money, both preoperatively and postoperatively.

Your daily skin care does not have to be time consuming, yet it is very important to cleanse, exfoliate, protect and hydrate your skin.  Finding the proper day and nighttime treatment for your skin is essential.  Wearing sun protection during the day is a must, especially in South Florida.

Over the centuries, women have been much better at caring for their skin, and in recent years, men have also begun to realize the importance of good skin care.  One fails to realize that when your skin is healthy, this also adds to your general well-being, and you will also slow down the progression of the appearance of aging.