Benefits of Blunt Cannulas for Injectables

Benefits of Blunt Tip Needles

Minimally invasive procedures such as fillers are popular in the Boca Raton area due to the little downtime associated with them. Sharp tip cannulas are routinely used with injectable fillers. Did you know there are cannulas with blunt tips that be used that offer a less painful alternative? They are “miny infiltrative cannulas.” There are many benefits of blunt tip cannulas: learn more below.

Benefits of Blunt Tip Needles

Small Size = Big Results with Blunt Tip Cannulas

Blunt tip cannulas are usually smaller than the traditional sharp cannulas. These blunt cannulas are very small and flexible, requiring fewer punctures than sharp tip cannulas. Blunt tip cannulas also have the ability to cover a greater area in a single treatment than sharp tip cannulas. Fewer punctures equals a shorter procedure time, as well as less discomfort. They also tend to “push to the side” nerves and blood vessels rather than piercing them, just like a liposuction cannula. There is a learning curve to using them effectively and properly. There is finesse to their proper use of delivering the injectables with these cannulas. I can be much more precise and accurate thereby delivering a better quality of delivery of the injectable product whether it be Juvederm, Restylane, Radiesse, or even Sculptra. Patients find it far less painless and much more tolerable than before with the sharp cannulas. Better consistency and far less bruising is greatly appreciated by the patient.

Better Healing

Other benefits of using a blunt tip needle include less bleeding, swelling, and bruising at the injection site, which allows for a quicker recovery. There are fewer injection sites—often only two are needed for both the upper and lower lips for example. Also, there is no anesthesia needed with a blunt tip needle, since the cannula pushes the blood vessels aside instead of puncturing them, reducing discomfort.

Overall, blunt tip cannulas offer many benefits, including quicker healing time, more accuracy, better results and less discomfort. Dr. Berman routinely uses blunt tip cannulas especially when performing nonsurgical rhinoplasties, when administering fillers at his Boca Raton practice, offering you the best results possible.

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