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Natural Facelift

Dr. Berman’s Natural Facelift 

Have Your Friends and Family Wondering… "Did She?"

The mirror can be your best friend or your worst enemy.  It offers no opinions, no suggestions, it simply reveals your reflection.  Stress, the rigors of life, family, and work all play a role in our aging process.  Today, the paradigm of aging is very different than it was 20 years ago.   Now, we hear,  “50 is the new 30.” We baby boomers make up the largest segment of the population in the United States.  We actively work-out in fitness centers, swim, run and cycle like no other generation before us.   Many of us have friends that are 15 to 20 years younger than we are.  Not so in our parents generation.  This yen for a younger, healthier living experience than our parents has created the demand for specialized food networks and fitness networks – GreenWise and Whole Foods stores, Lifetime Fitness and LA Fitness, to name a few.  There are Yoga studios and coffee bars everywhere.  Whoever heard of gluten free or organically grown eggs 10 years ago?  The take-home message is clear:  healthy and young lifestyle.   So eating better and working out keeps us healthier and more physically fit.  Aging young is what it is all about.  Don’t wait until your 60’s to reclaim your natural look. Do it now. Later will be too late.

For example, take a young, active 47 year old.  Few 47-year-old men and women can look as if they were 27 years of age.  A 47-year-old may not feel 47, but feels closer to 30, and would like to look naturally younger.  However, no one wants to look like a “fixed” 470year-old.  Those “fixed” people stand out in a crowd.  People don’t want that kind of  cosmetic improvement.

So how much younger do people want to be?  The answer many of my patients who have had the Natural Look give is this:  they want to look so much younger that when they meet up with friends, their friends comment how well rested and how good they look – so that their friends can’t quite put a finger on what looks different, but notice that they look so much better.   They look refreshed with a natural Look.  When they look in the mirror, they see a younger Natural self. That’s the best plastic surgery – the subtle, soft, simply elegant result.   The result which leaves your friends questioning, “DID SHE OR DIDN’T SHE?”


Facelift Procedure

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My Boca Raton Natural Look facelift procedure does just that:  Restoration of the beautiful you.   Revealing the healthy, youthful appearance of your face with minimal downtime using the latest surgical techniques and procedures.   We will create a personalized, custom plan for your Natural Look: facial rejuvenation surgery without looking like you had plastic surgery.

Aging young is what it is all about.  Don’t wait until your 60’s to reclaim your natural look.  Do it naturally.  Call us at 561-417-0171 and ask for a consultation for your Natural Look.  You’ll be glad that you did!



You all are extremely special to me and my husband. You all made my dreams come true.I found myself sitting alone in the dark one night after the surgery with tears of joy in my heart. You and Kris did everything possible for me to get the surgeries done that I needed for my own peace of mind. That makes me forever grateful. I can’t find enough words to say how happy I feel. You and the rest of your staff care for the client more than any doctor I have ever been to. You made me feel like I was number one. You and your staff are top notch in my eyes and it is with the highest honor to recommend you straight from my heart to all my friends and anyone that I see that needs your kind of help. Thank you all again for everything you have done for me. Thanks again from the bottom of my heart,


Virginia and Joe,
Our Clients

It has been over a year now since my surgery and I would like to thank you.  My life has changed incredibly and you all are the reason why!  All throughout my experience with my procedure you and your staff have been wonderful.  I felt extremely comfortable right from the moment I walked into the office.  If any future patients need someone that has had the pleasure of being one of your patients please call me.  Thank you again, my life will never be the same thanks to all of you.



Our Client

I want to take this time to thank you and your most kind and understable staff.

Plastic surgery under your care has been made to be a pleasant stressless experience. You and your staff have done the very best.

To put my mind at ease your bedside manner is superb and most gentle ways are greatly appreciated. I would recommend anyone to do any kind of plastic surgery starring you as their surgeon.

Thank you so very much again for your understanding and friendliness and wonderful work. It has been a most pleasant experience.

With Highest Appreciation and Sincere Thanks,


Our Client

Facelift Procedure

For a FREE informational pamphlet about the facelift procedure, fill in your information below

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