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Independent Healing: Most people associate acupuncture with pain relief. It would never occur to them that it could help treat something like the flu or a cold. How does acupuncture boost the immune system?

Dr. Trigiani: In a simple sense, acupuncture at its base level relieves stress and tension from the body so the organs and systems can be properly innervated, supported, and enlivened.

IH: What kind of results do you see after you treat a patient for the flu or a cold? Do they feel better right away or does it take a while?

Dr. Trigiani: Usually 95% of the time relief is immediate, symptoms are reduced by at least half within the first few hours.

IH: Prescription flu drugs like Tamiflu and over-the-counter medications for the flu and colds have side effects. Some of them can be serious, especially when these drugs are combined with other medications. Does acupuncture have any side effects?

Dr. Trigiani: ZERO side effects! The worst that can happen is that nothing happens at all, which almost never happens. My methodology is that it works every single time. 

IH: One of the biggest questions people have about acupuncture is this: Does it hurt when the needles go in?

Dr. Trigiani: It is virtually and absolutely painless. There’s probably more pain involved in receiving a massage than acupuncture.

IH: How many treatments might a patient need to get over the flu? How long would the sessions last?

Dr. Trigiani: The length of the session depends on the severity of the patient’s symptoms. Usually between one and three sessions is more than adequate to resolve the effects of the flu. 

IH: When you are trying to help a patient get over the flu or cold, in what part of the body would the needles go?

Dr. Trigiani: Just behind the ear, just under the chin, just about three inches below the lateral aspect of each knee. Between the thumb and forefinger on each hand as well as between the web of the first and second toes.

IH: Can acupuncture be used to prevent flu, perhaps in lieu of the flu shot?

Dr. Trigiani: Absolutely! Acupuncture at its best is one of the most preventative and complimentary medicines, supporting Western medicine if need be.

IH: Many of us worry about catching a bug when we travel because airplanes are a closed environment full of germs. Can it be a good strategy to get an acupuncture session before traveling to boost the immune system?

Dr. Trigiani: I wouldn’t travel without going to my acupuncturist, before as well as after.

IH: Do all acupuncturists treat flu and colds? What’s the best way to find a good practitioner?

Dr. Trigiani: Any competent acupuncturist should be able to confidently approach any cold/flu complaint without hesitation.

The criteria for finding yourself an acupuncturist are as follows:

Proximity: Make sure your acupuncturist is in an accessible location.

Confidence: Make sure your potential acupuncturist answers questions succinctly, assuredly, and with a smile in their voice.

Experience: Make sure your acupuncturist is well schooled, licensed, and has had a battery and multitude of cases under their belt either from an excellent clinic or a private practice.

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