There are plenty of misconceptions surrounding the world of plastic surgery. One common misconception is that there’s an age limit or a “right” time to get plastic surgery. In actuality, plastic surgery can be beneficial to people of many different

This article will answer a common question for many women: Can you have surgery on your period? Moreover, the short answer is yes, you can. The long answer concerns how the menstrual cycle works in your body and what hormones

We have re-opened our practice: it’s important to address the safety and health concerns that many of our patients may have. As always, the safety of our patients is the highest priority for Dr. Berman and our staff, and we’re

Even with the most modern techniques and approaches, plastic surgery still isn’t without risk. If you’re considering a consultation for your chosen procedure, it’s likely you’ve come across some scary-sounding risks during your research. While it can be valuable to

Amplify Your Appearance and Improve Your Self-Confidence Breast augmentations are rapidly becoming some of the most popular forms of cosmetic plastic surgery in the United States. Besides enhancing your figure, they can help improve your self-image and boost your self-esteem,

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