Kybella Injections: How Do They Work?

Kybella Injections: What You Need to Know

There’s an amazing new treatment option for patients suffering from a dreaded “double chin,” that doesn’t require surgery, liposuction, or even exercise or dieting. Unsightly submental fullness, commonly known as a double chin, is a common aesthetic complaint of patients, particularly as they age. This condition is extremely difficult to correct without the intervention of a plastic surgeon, as it often does not respond to exercise or dieting. Thanks to a revolutionary new injectable called Kybella, there is now an FDA-approved, non-surgical treatment that effectively improves the appearance of moderate to severe fat below the chin. The differences in Kybella before and after views are nothing short of amazing; patients enjoy a sleeker, fitter chin and neckline, without the need for invasive intervention through surgery or liposuction. To help you decide if Kybella is right for you, we’ve provided answers to some of the most common questions about Kybella injections, including how it works and how long it takes to see results.

How does Kybella work?

The active ingredient in Kybella is deoxycholic acid, a naturally occurring molecule that helps to metabolize fat in your body. When injected into the fat cells under your chin, Kybella works to disrupt the membrane around the fat cells. The fat is then released into your body, where it is gradually metabolized over time, naturally revealing a slimmer, sleeker neck profile. Kybella doesn’t just treat the fat cells on a temporary basis; it actually destroys the fat cells, causing them to permanently lose the ability to store or accumulate fat. That means that once the desired aesthetic effect is achieved, patients do not have to undergo treatment again.

How long does treatment with Kybella take?

Kybella treatments only take about 20 minutes, so they can be scheduled during your lunch hour. Dr. Berman injects Kybella directly into the fat cells under your chin area using a fine gauge needle, similar to the ones used for Botox injections. It can take several treatments with Kybella before your desired effect is achieved, and treatments can be scheduled a month apart. After Dr. Berman administers your Kybella treatment, the chin fat will gradually be absorbed over the course of the next few weeks.

Can I get Kybella injections from any health practitioner?

Kybella injections are best administered by a skilled plastic surgeon like Dr. Berman, who has the advanced training and experience to avoid the vulnerable marginal mandibular branch of the facial nerve. Only trust a plastic surgeon with the expertise and knowledge of facial anatomy to deliver optimum results and avoid complications. There are nerves that control the smiling muscles and you definitely don’t want them injured either temporarily or permanently! As a double-board-certified plastic surgeon and active member of the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS), Dr. Berman is well-qualified to deliver the best results for your Kybella treatment. As an expert in the field of head and neck surgery, Dr. Berman has done countless facelifts and neck lifts. So when it comes down to it, who do you want doing your Kybella injections? The choice is clear. If you are one of the many people who suffer from an unsightly double chin, schedule a consultation with Dr. Berman to discover if Kybella is right for you. He will assess your suitability as a candidate for Kybella, discuss possible side effects, and answer any questions you may have.
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Dr. Jonathan Ross Berman is a Boca Raton plastic surgeon who has been certified by both the American Board of Plastic Surgery and the American Board of Otolaryngology / Head and Neck Surgery with over 30 years of service experience specializing in Breast Augmentation, Rhinoplasty, Face Lift, Liposuction, and many other types of plastic surgery in Boca Raton, FL.

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