Breast Augmentation Recovery

Breast Augmentation RecoveryWhat to Expect and What You Can Do

All of our breast augmentations are out-patient procedures, performed in our on-site and accredited surgical suite. Patients can usually leave our office a few hours after the conclusion of the surgery, when they feel ready to leave. Your recovery experience and duration depends on your body’s response, whether your implants were placed above or below the pectoral muscle, and the location used for the incision. Due to sub-muscular procedures being more invasive, their recovery is usually slightly longer and sometimes a bit more uncomfortable. Before your operation Dr. Berman will go over a complete list of pre and post-op instructions. To schedule a consultation appointment call 561-417-0171. Here is a short summary of the different things you can expect to experience during your breast augmentation recovery, as well as some helpful tips.

The First Couple of Days

You will probably feel tired and sore for the first few days after your surgery, so it is important you get adequate rest. You will be wearing ace wraps around your chest for the first few days, then a breast band under a jogging bra.  Ice packs are usually sufficient to control discomfort and swelling, though some patients request pain medication. This can be prescribed, if needed, at your final pre-op appointment. Within one to two days after your procedure Dr. Berman will meet with you to ensure your breast augmentation recovery is progressing properly and everything is as it should be.

The Next Few Weeks

Moderate soreness and tightness is likely to persist for the first one to two weeks as your skin and tissue get adjusted to the size of the new breast implant. It is possible some slight bruising may appear at first as well. Dr. Berman recommends that you gently massage your breasts regularly to relax your muscles, soften your breasts, and reduce scar tissue, particularly if your implants were inserted below the chest muscles. You will also be instructed to perform some gentle stretching exercises which will help hasten your healing and achieve your desired result.  Most breast augmentation patients are able to return to work within the first week, but strenuous activities such as intense exercise and lifting heavy objects should be avoided for the first six to eight weeks.


It is perfectly normal to have a lot of questions and concerns about any surgical procedure you might undergo. Don’t hesitate to call us at 561-417-0171 to learn more about breast augmentation recovery and to setup a consultation with Dr. Berman, Boca’s leading cosmetic plastic surgeon!