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Fat Transfer Face Lift

Fat Transfer Face Lift

Restore the Youthful Shape of Your Face

The Fat Transfer Facelift is a complete facial rejuvenation procedure that is minimally invasive. The procedure avoids many incisions and helps in the lifting of the skin itself. The main function is to restore both the youthful contour and shape of the face. Another goal is to improve the skin quality and color irregularities caused by both the aging process and exposure to the sun and environment. Patients who have undergone this procedure frequently avoid or markedly reduce the need for other maintenance procedures like botulinum toxin and cosmetic filler injections.

The Fat Transfer Facelift is a minimally invasive—but complete—facial rejuvenation cosmetic surgery procedure that is performed in our accredited Boca Raton plastic surgery suite. Though similar to a traditional facelift in its results, a Fat Transfer Facelift, also called a stem cell facelift, both minimizes incisions and simultaneously improves the quality of your skin. The Fat Transfer Facelift uses your own stem cells to prompt the growth of collagen, which is the foundation of youthful skin. Patients who have undergone this procedure frequently find that they require much less BOTOX® and fillers afterwards. Some of our Boca Raton Fat Transfer Facelift patients no longer need these temporary rejuvenation treatments at all.

An additional benefit of a Fat Transfer Facelift is that the fat removed via liposuction can create a more pleasing shape for your hips, thighs and/or tummy area! Some patients may have fat removed from areas of the face, such as in the jowl area and jawline. Therefore, depending upon your specific aging features, the fat is both removed from specific areas and transplanted in others, while the skin is lifted and tightened.

A Fat Transfer Facelift can be performed alone or combined with other facial cosmetic surgery procedures, such as an eyelift, and/or brow lift.

How a Fat Transfer Facelift Works

Within the human body are specialized cells called adult stem cells. Stem cells have the ability to morph into a particular type of cell, such as a heart muscle cell, a skin cell, etc. Please note that these are not the stem cells that have garnered dramatic opposition from ethicists; those are fetalstem cells. These are adult stem cells that already exist in your body. They can be repurposed, with the addition of fat, to encourage the growth of collagen in your skin, and both create and maintain youthful volume in your face.

A large number of stem cells exist within and around fat tissue. When fat is removed via liposuction, the stem cells are transplanted, with the fat, into areas of the face that need volume, such as the temples, the cheek area, the marionette lines, and the lips. The regenerative property of the stem-cell-enriched fat assures the extension of a youthful appearance.

The areas from which fat will be removed (donor sites) and to which fat will be transferred will be thoroughly discussed during your private consultation with Dr. Berman in our Boca Raton plastic surgery office.

Good Candidates for a Fat Transfer Facelift

Healthy adult men and women who are concerned about facial aging, and who have reasonable expectations about results, are good candidates for a Fat Transfer Facelift. No face lift will erase all aging from the face; a 50-year-old will not look 20 years old again. However, a Fat Transfer Facelift will erase many years from the face by eliminating wrinkles by adding volume, and improving the skin, both of which gives you a much younger appearance.

The Fat Transfer Facelift Procedure

All cosmetic surgery procedures are performed in the accredited ambulatory surgical facility in ourBoca Raton plastic surgery suite. The American Academy of Ambulatory Surgical Facilities certifies our operating room. Dr. Berman has carefully chosen the most experienced surgical scrub techs and surgical and recovery room nurses to assure the safest experience possible. He uses only board certified anesthesiologists, rather than opting for anesthesia nurses. Dr. Berman has over 20 years of experience, and our patients are as safe here as in a hospital operating room, while they avoid exposure to hospital-based bacteria. Additionally, they enjoy a much more personalized experience. This level of experience is hard to find with our combined 60 years’ experience in in-office ambulatory surgery. We have a 0% infection rate.

The Fat Transfer Facelift procedure is performed under local tumescent anesthesia, which is a liquid anesthetic combined with sterile saline (salt water). Tiny incisions are made in the donor areas, such as the thighs, abdomen, etc., and a small tube, called a cannula, is inserted. The desired amount of fat is removed and the incisions closed with steri-strips. The fat is then carefully processed to obtain the best cells, after which Dr. Berman meticulously places the fat into the areas of the face in need of rejuvenation. Dr. Berman uses professional lifting and filling techniques to create an aesthetic, youthful result that does not appear “overdone.” Dr. Berman’s artistic talents and 20+ years of facial rejuvenation experience assure his Fat Transfer Facelift patients of excellent results.

Dr. Berman may choose to perform a laser-assisted or chemical resurfacing of your skin to accomplish both the removal of fine lines and to treat skin damage. Again, this will have been discussed and agreed upon at your private consultation in advance of your procedure.


Facelift Procedure

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Recovery from a Fat Transfer Face Lift

Because a Fat Transfer Facelift is less invasive, recovery is faster than a traditional facelift. Applying cold compresses to the treated areas will decrease swelling and help resolve any minor bruising that may be present. Some patients find that sleeping in a recliner for the first two nights will minimize swelling. Most of our South Florida Fat Transfer Facelift patients find that they are ready to return to work and social activities within a few days.

It’s normal to have many questions and concerns about any cosmetic surgery procedure. Feel free to call our office at 561-417-0171 for more information about our Fat Transfer Facelift. The best way to have your questions answered, including those about the financial aspects of a facelift procedure, is to schedule your personal consultation by completing this online form or calling us at 561-417-0171.



You all are extremely special to me and my husband. You all made my dreams come true.I found myself sitting alone in the dark one night after the surgery with tears of joy in my heart. You and Kris did everything possible for me to get the surgeries done that I needed for my own peace of mind. That makes me forever grateful. I can’t find enough words to say how happy I feel. You and the rest of your staff care for the client more than any doctor I have ever been to. You made me feel like I was number one. You and your staff are top notch in my eyes and it is with the highest honor to recommend you straight from my heart to all my friends and anyone that I see that needs your kind of help. Thank you all again for everything you have done for me. Thanks again from the bottom of my heart,


Virginia and Joe,
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It has been over a year now since my surgery and I would like to thank you.  My life has changed incredibly and you all are the reason why!  All throughout my experience with my procedure you and your staff have been wonderful.  I felt extremely comfortable right from the moment I walked into the office.  If any future patients need someone that has had the pleasure of being one of your patients please call me.  Thank you again, my life will never be the same thanks to all of you.



Our Client

I want to take this time to thank you and your most kind and understable staff.

Plastic surgery under your care has been made to be a pleasant stressless experience. You and your staff have done the very best.

To put my mind at ease your bedside manner is superb and most gentle ways are greatly appreciated. I would recommend anyone to do any kind of plastic surgery starring you as their surgeon.

Thank you so very much again for your understanding and friendliness and wonderful work. It has been a most pleasant experience.

With Highest Appreciation and Sincere Thanks,


Our Client

Facelift Procedure

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