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FaceTime Consultations

You don't have to come in to see Dr. Berman!

Your consultation with Dr. Berman is one of the most important parts of determining your treatment plan. But, sometimes it’s just not possible or practical to have an in-person consultation. Whether you’re out-of- state or your schedule is full, Dr. Berman offers remote consultations using FaceTime technology on your Apple device. Skype is also another venue.

After you send high-quality pictures of your problem areas and fill out our patient forms, Dr. Berman can use state-of- the-art digital imaging to analyze your aesthetic goals and discuss your treatment options, all in a place and time that works best for you.

Remote consultations can’t replace the value of a face-to- face consultation and a hands on physical examination before your procedure, but FaceTime consultations can be a great way to first establish a connection with Dr. Berman and ask any questions you might have, without the hassle of traveling or taking time off.

If you’re interested in a FaceTime consultation, call our Boca Raton office at 561-235- 3208 or contact us online.

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