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Board Certification

Selecting the Right Surgeon for Your Procedure

If you’re a first-timer for plastic surgery, you may be hesitant on taking that first step, or maybe you’ve had a prior experience that scared you away from further procedures. Before you decide to pass on that mommy makeover, breast enhancement, or wrinkle treatment; or before you simply pick the nearest, cheapest surgeon to you,…

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Learn More About Dr. Berman!

Aside from being a double board certified plastic surgeon in Boca Raton, FL, Dr. Jonathan Berman is involved in many hobbies and philanthropies. As an avid cyclist, Dr. Berman regularly cycles 120-150 miles per week. He also participates in many cycling charity events, such as the Multiple Sclerosis 200.  Dr. Berman has participated in the…

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Berman Plastic Surgery & Spa’s Competitive Edge

Did you know that non-invasive cosmetic surgery is markedly up since 2001? Due to this trend, plastic surgeons must adapt to these changes and continue to offer new treatments that reach the market to stay competitive. Even though the more popular treatments are less invasive, that doesn’t mean that you should trust yourself to anyone…

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Choosing the Right Plastic Surgeon For Your Procedure

Why Choosing the Best Plastic Surgeon for Your Plastic Surgery Procedure is So Important When choosing a plastic surgeon, it is important to base your decision on expertise, training, and experience rather than solely on price. A recent article in the Miami Herald highlighted the dangers of cheap plastic surgery procedures, finding that patients who…

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Non-Surgical Facelift

Feel more youthful and radiant with non-surgical facelift options from Dr. Berman It’s no secret – as we mature, our facial skin begins to lose its youthful appearance and the fullness it once had. If you desire to achieve a younger, more refreshed appearance but do not want a surgical facelift, there is good news…

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Tummy Tuck Boca Raton Part II: Your Abdominoplasty Recovery

What to Expect After Your Tummy Tuck Surgery If you are one of the many men and women who’ve tried dieting and exercise but just can’t lose that last stubborn bit of belly fat, a tummy tuck may be the key to the firmer, flatter abdomen that you’ve been dreaming of. Pregnancy, prior surgeries, fluctuations…

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Using Fillers for Anti-Aging and Prevention

Boca Raton Fillers, How Anti-Aging Fillers can Help you Maintain a Fresh Youthful Facial Appearance We’ve all seen the fantastic results that injectable dermal fillers can achieve in the hands of a skilled plastic surgeon. Patients whose faces have begun to develop a drawn or sunken look due to aging, stress, and the loss of facial…

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Choosing the Best Plastic Surgeon for Cosmetic Surgery

“Cosmetic Surgeons” Slinging Mud at Board-Certified Plastic Surgeons Again The International Business Times published an article that seemingly took the side of so-called “cosmetic surgeons” following the dismissal of a lawsuit filed against the Utah Plastic Surgery Society (USPSS), the ASPS, and 19 individual plastic surgeons which had claimed their “Do Your Homework” patient education…

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Choosing a Boca Raton Plastic Surgeon

Why Board Certifications Make All the Difference in the World When considering plastic surgery, the most difficult decision you will face is determining which doctor in the multitude of Boca Raton plastic surgeons to have perform the procedure. After all, this is not a simple haircut. It is important to do your research and find…

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Why Board Certification Matters

Due to the preponderance of physicians who identify themselves as “cosmetic surgeons” and the presence of the American Board of Cosmetic Surgeons, many consumers are confused as to whether their prospective surgeon has the education, skill and experience to assure them of the best (and safest) outcome. Hopefully, this post will enable you to understand the differences so that you…

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