What a tummy tuck can and can’t do

Patients who come to Berman Plastic Surgery & Spa for tummy tuck, or abdominoplasty, are thrilled with the results. At last, after diets and exercise that simply can’t get rid of the flab and fat around their abdomen, a tummy tuck reveals the svelte silhouette they’ve always dreamed of. While a tummy tuck is an answer for some problems, it can’t do everything when it comes to maintaining a toned and youthful appearance. Here are some things you should know about tummy tucks:

A tummy tuck can create a new, flat abdomen by removing extra fat

During tummy tuck surgery, Dr. Berman manually removes unwanted fat from your abdomen. The surgery can cover a small area, as in a mini-tummy tuck, or it can involve the hips and even part of the lower back as well as the abdomen. Whatever type of abdominoplasty is used, it results in a flatter tummy.

A tummy tuck can’t prevent future weight gain

Even though abdominoplasty takes away unwanted fat from the tummy, you can still gain weight after the surgery. A tummy tuck is not weight loss surgery, in which the digestive organs are actually rearranged or reduced so you can’t physically eat as much as you did. This type of surgery results in rapid weight loss.

It is important that you not gain a great deal of weight after you’ve had a tummy tuck in order to maintain results. Not only is fat removed from the abdomen during the surgery, but the muscles and connective tissue, or fascia are tightened. Gaining a great deal of weight loosens the muscles and stretches the skin, which results in more of the flab that you wanted to be removed in the first place. This is a reason why women who plan to become pregnant shouldn’t get a tummy tuck until they’ve completed their families.

A tummy tuck can remove extra skin

Not only is fat taken away, but excess skin is trimmed and tightened during a tummy tuck. This leaves the area smooth and pleasingly taut.

A tummy tuck can’t remove most stretch marks

Unfortunately, a tummy tuck can’t remove stretch marks above the belly button, though it can soften the appearance of stretch marks below the belly button. Stretch marks are somewhat like scars. When the skin is stretched a great deal in a short period of time, it can tear in the lower layers of the skin. This tearing results in stretch marks, which can look somewhat like cellulite or discolored streaks in your skin.

The surgeon may be able to minimize the look of stretch marks above the belly button by pulling the skin below the bikini line during a tummy tuck.

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If you simply can’t get rid of the unwanted fat and sagging skin around your abdomen no matter how hard you exercise or diet, a tummy tuck may be a solution. Don’t hesitate to call Dr. Berman at Berman Plastic Surgery & Spa for a consultation. Call 561.235.3208.

Dr. Jonathan Ross Berman is a Boca Raton plastic surgeon who has been certified by both the American Board of Plastic Surgery and the American Board of Otolaryngology / Head and Neck Surgery with over 30 years of service experience specializing in Breast Augmentation, Rhinoplasty, Face Lift, Liposuction, and many other types of plastic surgery in Boca Raton, FL.

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